Innovative Solution To Portfolio Performance Reporting

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Ernest Leung

Over the last 20+ years, we witnessed the development of both theories and technologies in performance analysis. In particular, there are nowadays many system vendors providing applications for running Complex Analytics such as attribution and ex-ante risk (which are holding-based), but ironically the most frequent and heavily used Pragmatic Analytics such as performance summary, portfolio statistics, and fund flow analysis (which are return-based) are rarely covered.

According to global surveys, most asset management firms are therefore using proprietary and manual processes to report pragmatic analytics, leading to accuracy and capacity issues. In light of this, Oxon Consulting has developed a 9-in-1 performance reporting application that provides a faster, better and cheaper reporting solution to asset management professionals. Building on our Excel-Based Reporting Application (EBRA) technology, the application can serve multi-reporting purposes, covering management committee meeting, manager performance review, client reporting, compliance monitoring, fee analysis, fund flows tracking and RFP filling.