Q1 2016 Fuzo Limited (HK) Update

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Richard McGirr

I'd like to intro Fintech HK audience to @Fuzo http://www.fuzo.com

I have worked with eCurrencies for 15+ years, our team is talented and pedigree in the Financial Services Industries.
We are excited to announce we have closed our Seed Round and are on a path to Series A funding

Our lead investor is @CoinsiliumGroup http://www.coinsilium.com and their recent investment tranche is noted here

Fuzo is looking to trial our SIM service in the ASEAN and China markets via partnerships. Fuzo has crafted a very interesting use case and market entry method for burgeoning bitcoin & blockchain industry, We think that this would be especially complimentary for Financial Institutions, Next Gen Banks and Mobile Carriers seeking new revenue models with Value Added Services especially Mobile Money.

Our platform deals with the fusion of blockchain, identity, security services on any mobile phone. Hence the name Fuzo.

Fuzo is platform for mobile & device value added services using Blockchains As a Service. Fuzo is not just a Digital Wallet they are a full secure Identity services model expressed in the blockchain.

One First Target Market is Financial Inclusion for unbanked! in the emerging markets in the ASEAN region plus Africa / India
- refer to bit.ly/BNC-unbanked (feature phone centric)

In developed world, (smartphone centric), we provide an immutable hardware token that can be issued by Banks or Fintech players for security and Blockchain IDentity. An attestation platform for the "The Provenance of You" - or your customers

Recent Android phone hacks and attacks could also be thwarted by our independent Security Token approach.

We are positioning Fuzo as a service layer and tool for AML and KYC, elementary to the secure on-boarding and confidence needed for customer acquisition programmes.

Of Note: @Fuzo was featured by UK's Magister Advisors as one of Global Top30 Blockchain companies

Founder @Fuzo

Leon-Gerard Vandenberg, PEng MBA
CTO & Founder
e: LG @ fuzo com, 
m: +61 (0) 421 498 731 [au]
p: +1 (415) 992 7682 [us]
p: +852 8125 4889 [hk]
s: leongvandenberg, 
t: @Leon_Vandenberg