The Future of Financial Services

Published on
Janos Barberis

The regulation of digital financial services, including those that are peer to peer (P2P) such as Bitcoin, engage the Blockchain or that involve other new FinTech, remains a hotly debated issue. Financial institutions want equal regulation and innovators in FinTech want a regulatory environment that is proportionate and allows new technology to thrive.

Adding to the complexity is the fact that with the Internet of Everything, the connectivity of services that are M2M (machine to machine) will have to involve micro-payments, the regulation of which must be efficient and streamlined as we move towards the digital economy.

The issue of the regulation of digital finance and FinTech, emerging payments and remittances, including its anti-money laundering and terrorist financing risks and prospect of regulation, will be discussed at the Digital Finance Institute Conference in Toronto on September 30, 2015. Our Keynote Speaker is Cisco’s chief strategist on The Internet of Everything, who will discuss the “Intersection of payments with The Internet of Everything to Grow Business Lines and Revenues.”

Also included will be a discussion on financial inclusion and regulation, as well as the role of artificial intelligence in the regulatory regime. As with all the Digital Finance Conferences, it will conclude with a Happy Hour social for attendees and speakers alike at a local bar (Vertical), included as part of the Conference fee.